5 Things You Should Consider When You Buy a New Car

Are you planning on buying a car for the first time or you’re just about to change your old ride? We’ve got something for you!

In this article, we share four tips to help you avoid stories that touch, when buying a new car.

  1. Think About Your “Why?”

Why do you want to buy a car?

There are various reasons why you may want to buy a new car – for business, family/personal use or simply because you don port oh (levels have changed). Carefully considering why you’re buying a new car helps you make better decisions in terms of brand, model, capacity and even type of car. For example, Lagosians who reside on the island tend to purchase SUVs because it’s believed they are best for flood-prone areas, compared to saloon cars.

  1. What’s Your Pocket Size?

Owning a car goes beyond purchasing a car. It’s not just about how much the car costs; it’s about its daily maintenance and running costs! Make findings about the average cost of maintenance for your proposed car. Ask questions pertaining to fuel consumption and the average cost for replacing faulty parts (spare parts). Before you make a decision, ensure that you have enough finance to handle the purchase and maintenance of the car.

  1. The Mechanic Is Your Friend

This is a useful tip for anyone buying Tokunbo (a second-hand car). Get that car inspected by a trusted mechanic before you buy! If a dealership won’t let you do a thorough inspection, that’s a red flag. Never rely only on your naïve instincts. Even if the car looks great on the outside, get a professional to check! You never can tell what’s going on under the bonnet. Also, ensure that the paperwork and necessary documents are complete.

4. Get Insurance

Getting motor insurance is a must in Nigeria! It is compulsory by law that every car plying public roads is insured. There are two kinds of motor insurance – comprehensive motor insurance and third party motor insurance. Comprehensive motor insurance is all encompassing while third party covers only for damage done to third party property. Decide which type of insurance best suits your new ride and don’t drive until you’re insured!


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