Agriculture: 4 Ways to Safeguard Your Produce and Equipment

A wise man once stated, “Most things, except agriculture, can wait”. The importance of agriculture in the world cannot be over emphasized. If you’re a farmer, you definitely deserve all the accolades!

In this article, we share four tips to help you to safeguard your farm and everything in it.

  1. Be Security Conscious

Check the fences, hedges & walls around your farm regularly, to ensure that they are well maintained and in good condition. Replace faulty locks and keys regularly. If you’re a livestock farmer, tag your animals and keep frequent tabs on them. Don’t leave your equipment lying fallow – lock away any tools not in use. Get dedicated security personnel to keep watch over your property and fit alarms to storage sheds and buildings. You may consider installing a CCTV camera around vulnerable areas in your farm.

  1. Keep Your Farm Healthy

A healthy farm makes a happy farmer! Livestock farmers should vaccinate animals regularly, as required. Incorporate a routine veterinary check and isolate & treat sick animals as soon as you are aware. Get sanitizers and ensure your workers sanitize regularly. Water your crops and keep them pest-free by consistently tending to them. Get adequate knowledge on the best practises for your farm and implement them.

  1. Imbibe a Maintenance Culture

It’s not enough to purchase the right working tools and equipment; you must keep them in good condition. Clean your equipment regularly, preferably after use and return all tools to their rightful positions. Check hoses, fittings and seals to ensure they are in good condition. Where it applies, check the engine oil, fluid levels, batteries and wiring of your equipment, before use. Never make use of a faulty tool or appliance – get them fixed first!

  1. Get Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

This is a common advice people mostly take for granted. Install fire alarms in your home or workplace. Also, don’t forget to regularly test your detectors, to ensure they function properly. Get rid of expired extinguishers and replace with functioning ones.

  1. Get Insurance!

It’s no hidden truth that the business of agriculture comes with a lot of what ifs. What if a natural disaster occurs and my farm is wiped out? What if there’s an outbreak of disease that leaves my entire livestock dead? No one ever hopes for a predicament. However, a wise farmer knows that hoping is not enough, you must be fortified! And this is what insurance does. Insurance protects your farm and everything in it – produce, crops, poultry, livestock and equipment! It covers you against losses resulting from natural disasters, fire, severe weather events, accidental injury, theft and other mishaps. So what are you waiting for? Get insured.


Insurance is the surest way to safeguard your agriculture investment! For more information on how you can insure your farm, Click here to find an insurance company near you.


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