Are You a Businessman? 3 Tips to Ensure Your Cargo Lands Safely

Nna, the container must land! Money has to be made! It’s no news that Nigerians associate the art of doing business with having “Igbo blood”. This is because the Igbo tribe is known for its generational business acumen; just as every other tribe has its amazing peculiarities. As a nation, our strength truly lies in our diversity.

If your business uses marine transportation, we have three tips to ensure your shipment arrives safely.

  1. Do Not Import Banned Items

There are certain goods banned by customs in Nigeria. These goods, upon arrival at the sea port, will be seized and confiscated. It is important to conduct your due diligence, before shipping goods into the country. Some of the goods banned in Nigeria include; bagged cement, tomato paste, refined vegetable oil, and a host of others. Visit the Nigerian Customs website for the full list.

  1. Get the Right Container

Are you aware that there are various types of containers that serve different purposes? Your choice of container should depend on the kind of goods you are transporting. Do adequate research and choose the type of container to keep your shipment in good condition, from departure to arrival. For example, dry containers are the best for freight shipping of any type of dry cargo such as boxes, bags, furniture, etc.

  1. Get Marine Insurance

Did you know that there are 7 compulsory insurance policies in Nigeria and marine insurance is one? Individuals and organisations that regularly use marine transportation are mandated by law, to obtain marine insurance. This isn’t to scare you; it’s to protect you! Marine insurance covers losses that occur as a result of marine adventures. This means that in the event of sea turbulence, peril and theft, your investments are secure. What better way to keep your cargo safe than to get it insured?


Nna, protect that container today! Getting marine insurance is easy. Click here to get more information from an insurance company near you.


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