Are You a Learner? 5 Vital Things Every Driver Should Know

Have you just completed your driving classes? Congratulations! While you may need to hang the “L” sign on your car bumper for some time, there are crucial driving tips that you need to know all the time. In this article, we share five vital things to note, before you hit the road.

  1. Get Your Driver’s License

It is an offence to drive on public roads without a license in Nigeria (and virtually all over the world)! A driver’s license is a legal document that serves as proof that a person is allowed to operate a vehicle on public roads. Apart from the fact that it is a requirement, a driver’s license serves as a means of identification. So, it’s a win-win to obtain a driver’s license!

  1. Know and Obey Traffic Laws

If you were a diligent student in driving school, you’ll remember the session you had on ‘Traffic Symbols’. Before you hit the road, you must be aware of traffic signs and what they mean. You must also be willing to obey them. Obeying traffic laws keep every road user safe. Examples of traffic signs include traffic lights, no U-turn signs, zebra crossing, etc.

  1. Avoid Distractions While Driving

When you are behind the wheels is not a good time to reply your social media messages. Don’t text and drive. If you must receive or make a phone call, pull over. Some of the worst accidents have been caused by a few seconds of distraction. Pay attention when you drive.

  1. Look into the Mirror

Do the basic things before you turn on the ignition – put on your seat-belt, adjust your car seat and mirrors. While driving, make use of your mirrors as often as you need to. Just before you make that turn, overtake or cross-over to the next lane, look into the mirror.

  1. Get Motor Insurance

Getting motor insurance is a must! Did you know that driving on public roads without motor insurance is an offence punishable by law in Nigeria? Having motor insurance goes beyond being safe from road safety officials. It protects you from unexpected occurrences on the highway. Insurance covers when someone bashes your car or breaks into your car, as well as cases of accidental damage to third party property while driving.


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