Drive Safely, Drive Smoothly: 5 Ways to Drive with Confidence in Nigeria

Driving with confidence goes beyond having all your particulars in check and avoiding any trouble with law enforcement agents.

In this article, we share 5 ways to drive confidently in Nigeria.

  1. Always Check Your Car

    Don’t leave home without knowing what condition your car is in. Ensure your mirrors are well set. Check the fuel and water levels. Test to see that the tyres and brakes function properly. Also, make it a habit to get your car serviced regularly, to keep it in good condition.

  2. Don’t Over-speed

    Don’t believe the myth – over-speeding doesn’t mean you are a good driver. Obey speed limits at all times. Always consider the condition of your environment, while driving. For instance, slow down when driving between streets and driving when it’s rainy or foggy. Also, watch out for potholes, ditches and roads under construction.

  3. Drive with Focus

    “Don’t text and drive. Don’t drink and drive.” These are not just common slogans; they are necessary tips for safe driving. One second of diverted attention behind the wheel can be fatal. Pay attention when you drive.

  4. Follow the Rules

    Wear your seat belt at all times. Learn how to read traffic signs and obey them. Commonly-used traffic signs in Nigeria include: U-turns, no entry zones, one-way signals, zebra crossing and traffic lights.

  5. Get Insurance

    Did you know that driving on public roads without motor insurance is an offence punishable by law in Nigeria? Having motor insurance not only covers you from being arrested by law enforcement agents, it protects you from unexpected occurrences. Insurance covers for you when someone bashes your car, breaks into your car and in cases of accidental damage to third party property.


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