How to File an Insurance Claim
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How to File an Insurance Claim

Your insurance policy describes your obligations in the event that you have a claim, whether it involves property, workers compensation, automobiles or some type of insurance coverage.

For all types of claims, you are required to contact your insurance company right away.

Here are some of your obligations:

Property Claims

How to File Insurance Claims
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In the event of a property claim, you should contact your agent and insurance company right away. Report any violation of the law to the police immediately.

Take steps to protect your property from further damage by making temporary repairs.

Automobile Claims

How to File Insurance Claims
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Take necessary precautions such as carrying an accident kit in the vehicle to ensure a proper response to an accident.
After an accident, the police should be notified in order to make an accident report. This is also important in order to obtain names and contact information for any witnesses.

You should also notify the insurer quickly, about the accident and cooperate with the insurer’s investigation.

Business Income Claims

Business Insurance claims
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If your policy provides business income coverage, you will need business records to establish the amount of time of your insurance benefits

They include historical sales & records as well as income & expense information. You will also need a record of extra expenses incurred to resume operations after a covered loss.

Such expenses could include temporary rental space, temporary equipment rental and moving expenses.

Inventory records that may help project what your business profits might have been had a loss not occurred, are also useful.


Your insurance policy contains information about how you are obliged to proceed before you make a claim. Click here to get more information from an insurance company near you: .

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