How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim

Last week, we shared on how to get your travel insurance in 3 easy ways! Hope you’ve already gotten your travel insurance?

Today, we’re telling all you need to know about making a travel insurance claim.

     1. Make a Formal Report

Report any incident to the local authorities in the country where you are. Whether it’s a missing luggage, cancelled flight or a medical emergency, get in touch with the appropriate authorities and ask for a written statement or report.

     2. Contact Your Insurance Company

Don’t wait until you return from your vacation. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to inform them of the incident. You can make a phone call, send an email or message via social media.

     3. Collate Relevant Documents

The next thing to do is to gather necessary evidence – receipts, letters/emails (in the case of cancelled flights), photos, videos and any other documents that may be relevant to your claim application.

    4. Fill a Claims Form

You will be required to fill a claims form. Ensure that you read through carefully and fill in your details, as appropriate. Don’t forget to include the official report/written statement obtained (refer to step 1. above) and other required documents.

    5. Keep Calm, Your Claim is on The Way

After filling and submitting the necessary documents, you’re good to go! The insurance company will verify your application and you’ll get your claims paid in full. It’s that easy!


Getting your travel insurance claim is really that easy! If you’re yet to get your travel insurance, what are you waiting for? Get started on the process. Click here right away!

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