Is Life Insurance a Myth?

What do you really think about this life insurance thing? I’ll tell you a short story.

My name is Ada Isa-Garba. I’m a fashion entrepreneur, not-so-faithful lover of dodo, pro jet-skier and mother of 3. There’s so much more I would say about myself and my journey but I’ll keep the details relevant to this discourse.

Three years ago, I lost my husband to cancer. It was an unforgettable year for me. I resigned my 20-year long job to start my business, had my last baby and was dashing in-and-out of hospitals and prayer homes. My husband was a warrior on every front! He fought for his life, and for the ones he loved.

Every night I cried, pondering the same questions – Why? How? Why? I don’t think I’ll ever stop asking why. I wondered how my kids and I were going to thrive.

One day, I got a call that changed almost-everything. My husband had undertaken an insurance policy that I had totally forgotten! This policy covered for the kids’ education up until tertiary level. Monthly allowances, medical expenses and living expenses were all going to be paid for! I burst into tears! I didn’t believe it…

It’s been three years since we’ve been receiving our claims from the insurance company.

For every single day my kids happily make it to school, I thank my husband.

For every single time my business phone beeps and a customer places an order, I thank my husband.

That is the memory I have of my husband, Isa Garba. A man who loves and cares for his own, even in death! I would trade anything and everything to have him back. But I find solace in the truth that my husband did beat cancer, anyway. The disease took him but didn’t kill his dreams of giving his kids the best life and education. Cancer couldn’t stop him from taking good care of his family. Family was the dearest thing to my husband. I know we make him smile everyday, in heaven.

I would love to give you 100 reasons why you should get a life insurance policy but honestly, there’s only one valid reason – because you genuinely care about the ones you love! If you’re at a place in life where someone else’s life (a spouse, children, family members or anyone you hold dear) literally depends on your finances, a life insurance policy is absolutely worth it!

If you just can’t wrap your head around life insurance, I totally get you. I remember the first time my husband spoke to me about life insurance, twenty years ago. My immediate response was: “Why life insurance? You are not dying anytime soon! I hope you know we are stuck till we’re 90?” Writing that does bring back memories. Life is so uncertain!

I honestly didn’t see the value of life insurance until three years ago. Now, I am so grateful for insurance! I have also undertaken a life insurance policy, for the sake of my kids and loved ones.

Life insurance is definitely not a myth!


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