Know Your Insurance Policy (Part III)

Are you travelling this Christmas?

Whether or not your answer is “yes”, we wrote this piece for you – because we’re sure you’ll be travelling to your dream destination some day!

All you need to know about travel insurance.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that provides cover for risks associated with travelling temporarily outside your country of residence. These risks include emergency medical expenses, missing luggage & gadgets, cancelled flights and other unforeseen events that may happen when you travel abroad.

Why is Travel Insurance Important?

Getting travel insurance means that you can travel to any country with your full chest – knowing that no matter what happens, you are fully protected! Remember, travel insurance covers for cancelled flights, missing luggage, emergency medical expenses, stolen gadgets and a lot more.

Who is Travel Insurance For?

Everyone! If you’ve got an international passport and flight ticket (if you’re scheduled to travel), you should get travel insurance!

Travel insurance only costs a token, and can cover anything from replacing a missing gadget to emergency medical attention; potentially saving you from hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of Naira.

How Can I get my Travel Insurance Policy?

Walk into any insurance company (of choice) close to you and make your request. Or you can simply get your policy activated right on your phone!  For more information and to get started, please click here.

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