Preventing a Fire Hazard: 5 Safety Tips

While a fire breakout may happen by accident, safety never happens by accident. You prepare in advance.

In this article, we share five tips to preventing a fire hazard in your home or workplace.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on the Burner

Never leave a lit stove or oven unattended. If you must walk away from the kitchen while cooking, ensure you turn off all appliances. Also, if you use a gas cooker, it is advisable that you place the cylinder far away from the burner, preferably outdoor.

  1. Watch Your Electrical Sockets

A lot of times in our homes and offices, we tend to plug numerous devices (televisions, computers, adapters, etc.) to one electrical socket. This could result to overheating, potentially causing a fire. Stay conscious; do not overload your power sockets.

  1. Keep Fire Exits Clear

Because fire exits are not frequently used, they tend to become a place where items are stored. However, in the face of a fire incident, the smallest item could bring about the greatest casualty. A clear exit could make all the difference between life and death. In your workplace or at home, keep the fire exits clear.

  1. Get Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

This is a common advice people mostly take for granted. Install fire alarms in your home or workplace. Also, don’t forget to regularly test your detectors, to ensure they function properly. Get rid of expired extinguishers and replace with functioning ones.

  1. Get Insurance!

Often times than not, a fire breakout just breaks out. You don’t see it coming. As a matter of fact, you may be a cautious person, ensuring safety measures are in place. Yet, a fire incident still happens. With insurance, you can go to bed with both eyes shut, knowing that if all other measures fail, insurance doesn’t! The wisest way to make your home or office fire-proof is to get it insured.


Insurance is the safest safety measure. Get insurance for your workplace and home, today! Click here to find an insurance company near you.


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