Safety Measures for your Home or Workplace

Safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful.

In this article, we share five simple tips to help you stay safe at home or in the office.

  1. Put off All Appliances

Don’t go to bed without switching off all electrical appliances – water heater, gadgets and sockets. If you’re at work, don’t go home without shutting down every appliance, including light bulbs.

  1. Turn on Security Lights

If you haven’t installed security lights around your home or office environment, it’s a good time to consider doing so! Don’t forget to turn on the security lights in your compound when it’s night time.

  1. Install Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

If your business involves the use of highly inflammable products, it’s important to install fire alarms! Put up smoke detectors in your kitchen and other areas around your home or office. Also, make sure there’s a working fire extinguisher on stand-by, in case of emergency.

4. Engage Professionals Only

Whenever you need to fix a faulty appliance or electrical device, don’t try to do it yourself (except you’re technically qualified to do so). Never engage the services of a quack, either. Make use of authorised artisans only.

  1. Get Insurance

Never say never! Sometimes, you take all the necessary precautions but an accident still happens. That’s why you need insurance. Insurance covers for fire, burglary, theft, personal accidents and natural disasters e.g. flooding. It’s the number one way to keep your home or office safe and secure!


Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t delay getting insurance for your home or workplace. Click here to find an insurance company near you.

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