Someone Bashed Your Car… What Next?

There’s a popular notion that if you can successfully drive on the streets of Lagos, driving anywhere else will be a piece of cake! This is attributed to the fact that Lagos is perceived as a crazy, fast-paced state plagued by heavy traffic on most days.

Fair enough, driving in Lagos is crazy; but driving anywhere else doesn’t mean you’re immune to the general road hazards prone to drivers. Crazy driving can happen anywhere. Anyone can bash your car, anywhere!

In this piece, we discuss three ways Nigerians are likely to react, when someone hits their car.

1. Oga, Pay my Money

This is probably the first reaction of a lot of Nigerians (especially Lagosians). When someone bashes your car, you park, alight and then begin to rake. Rake, meaning you engage in a “why did you hit me, didn’t you see?” kind of conversation. This usually ends up in an argument, resorting to demands and pleas. You demand that the driver who bashed your car rightfully pays for repairs. Most times, especially when it’s a danfo (commercial bus) driver, they begin to plead and lament about how they cannot afford to pay. After much time wasting, getting pissed off and frustration, you zoom off. You end up fixing your car; unplanned expenses! So annoying!

2. One, Two, Slap!

Did you get to see that video that once went viral? It was a video of a reckless van driver who had hit a Lamborghini at the Lekki toll gate. The owner of the luxury car got down, went over to the driver and in the blink of an eye, gave him two “hot” slaps on the face. It was obvious the driver of the van wouldn’t be able to pay for damages, so the Lamborghini boss decided to administer justice before trial. 

3. Gather your Evidence

Ever seen someone who got bashed, parked, alighted and started to take strategic photos of the scene? That’s someone with a motor insurance. Did you know that motor insurance is a must-have for every car owner in Nigeria? Yes, it is compulsory by law that every vehicle plying public roads is insured. With motor insurance, you don’t have to get frustrated or waste your time arguing when someone bashes your car. No room for unplanned expenses, too. All you need do is, gather your evidence/s. Take photos, get all the necessary details and forward to your insurance company. 


Now you can get your motor insurance, right on your phone! It’s that easy. Click here to get more information from an insurance company near you.

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