Three Ways to Make Your Workplace Accident-Free

In typical Nigerian linguo, “No employer prays for an accident to occur at their workplace”. Running an office in itself is a huge investment – the cost of erecting structures, installations, purchasing gadgets & equipment and day-to-day running of the organisation. The desired result is to make more profit, not to count any losses.

In this article, we share three helpful ways to make your workplace accident-free.

  1. Get Everyone Involved

    The best way to ensure safety is to get everyone involved in the process. Communicate the importance of accident prevention with your employees. The goal is to make sure everyone is on the same safety page. This not only cuts down risk, it improves overall workplace morale as well.

  1. Get the Right Structures

    It’s not okay to simply communicate the importance of accident prevention; you must create an environment that enables it. Put in place processes and facilities that enhance safety. For example, don’t construct a stairway without railings. If you’re an organisation that deals with chemicals, ensure everyone puts on a glove. Based on your organisation’s peculiarity, identify the safety measures you need to put in place, to minimise accidents.

  1. Get Insurance

    Accidents are called accidents because they are never planned, they just happen! Sometimes, you really cannot stop certain events from occurring. With insurance, your office space, equipment and staff can be protected against inevitable accidents. Insurance covers for fire, burglary, theft and more. The wisest way to make your workplace accident-free is to get it insured!


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